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Do you sell vehicle tags by the week, month, or year? No, we do not. Pay as you go. One vehicle tag per vehicle, per day. Each tag has a unique number. Vehicle tags are valid for one day only. Vehicle tags are non-transferable.



Do you have a "day use" area at Lake Whitney Marina? No, we do not. Refer to things to do for information about day use areas around the lake.



Where can we park? Parking is located near the store dock and also near the boat ramp. Park only on gravel. Keep off grass and hillsides. No parallel parking permitted in the store parking lot.  Do not block access to docks, swing gates, boat ramps, launch lanes, or roadways. These areas must remain clear for emergency vehicle access.



Do you allow visitors or invited guests to park overnight? Can we leave our empty boat trailer or our boat sitting on the trailer in the marina parking lot overnight if we are staying someplace else? No. All vehicles and boat trailers must be removed from the property each day. If you're interested in learning more about long-term dockage or storage opportunities at the marina, please speak with the owners of the marina.



Do you allow bank fishing or cast nets? No, it's not permitted. View general rules and regulations. Bank fishing is permitted at Lake Whitney State Park (TPWD) and Cedar Creek Park (USACE).



Can you fish off of the docks or walkways at the marina? No.



Do you allow diving or swimming around docks, boat ramps, or the lakefront area? No, diving and swimming are not allowed for safety reasons.



What is the speed limit? Maximum speed limit is 10 MPH. No skidding, spinning tires, kicking up rocks, or reckless driving. View general rules and regulations.



Do you allow pets on the property? Call the marina and speak with the marina's owners about bringing a pet on the property. Restrictions apply about the types of pets and dog breeds that are permitted. No pit bulls.



Do you accept any federal or state passes? No, we do not.



Can we go on boat docks if we pay a daily fee? No. Lake Whitney Marina owns all boat docks and dockage spaces. No trespassing. Only a dockage licensee with a valid written agreement on file with the marina and who is in good standing is permitted to access a given dock, occupy a particular dockage space, and use specific services at their dockage space.



I am an invited guest of a dockage licensee and I paid the daily fee. Can I tie my boat up to a dock or occupy any of the dockage spaces at the marina? Can I keep my vessel in a dockage space that's assigned or already occupied by one of the marina's licensees? No. Lake Whitney Marina owns all boat docks and dockage spaces. Invited guests are not allowed to enter or access a boat dock unless accompanied by a dockage licensee. No other vessels are permitted to tie up to a dock, occupy any dockage space, or use any dockside service at any time. For information about annual dockage at Lake Whitney Marina, speak directly with the owners of the marina.



My dockage license agreement on file with the marina is current and my account is in good standing. Do I need to pay a daily fee if I bring a different boat or jet ski to the marina that's not listed under an existing dockage agreement? Yes, a daily fee applies for accessing the boat ramp. Please note that different vessels are not permitted to tie up to docks, occupy dockage spaces, or use any dockside services. Contact the owners to learn more about additional dockage spaces and license agreements.






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