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Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove is privately-owned and operated. There is a daily fee charged to visitors, invited guests, and others (see below) who enter the property to either access or use marina facilities, or visit registered guests staying at the marina, dockage licensees, and storage licensees. We do not accept federal or state passes.



AMOUNT DUE Read about getting here by car, boat, foot, bicycle, ATV, and horse.

The fee to enter the property is $10.00 per day, per vehicle. The fee for one motorcycle is the same as a vehicle.
ACCESS Paying the fee gives you permission to enter the property for one day only (date of purchase) between the hours of dawn to dusk to either access or use specified facilities at the marina, or visit a registered guest, dockage licensee, or storage licensee.

Payment of the fee does not grant permission to use the campground, access boat docks, occupy dockage spaces, or enter storage areas. No visitors or invited guests are allowed on the property from dusk to dawn. No overnight parking.

We do not sell weekly, monthly, or annual vehicle tags.
WHERE TO PAY Pay the fee at either the guard booth/self-pay box (seven days a week) or inside the ship's store (during store hours only).

Instructions for using the self-pay box are posted on the guard booth window. Only cash is accepted. No change provided. Partial payments and IOUs are never accepted. The self-pay box and guard booth are monitored. Envelopes and vehicle tags are logged.


At the ship's store, American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and cash are accepted. Small bills only.


The fee is due in full upon arrival and before either accessing or using any facilities. Fees are non-refundable. No credits or refunds for any reason including weather, lake conditions, lake levels, or necessary boat maintenance or repairs.


The closest ATM is located at a gas station about 1.5 miles from the marina.


A yellow vehicle tag must also be filled out for each vehicle and it must accompany your payment in order for the tag to be valid.


The vehicle tag comes in two parts. The top portion of the tag is displayed from your rear view mirror and it is your "receipt". The bottom portion of the tag needs to completed in full with your contact information and vehicle description and returned to the marina -- it is your "proof of payment". The bottom portion of the tag and your payment go inside the envelope. Seal the envelope and then insert it through the slot on the lock box.


Vehicle tags are non-transferable. Vehicle tags must be displayed at all times. Remove any expired tags from your mirror or dash before entering the property. Use of an invalid tag can result in being reported to law enforcement for theft of service. 




View the hours for the boat ramp, parking areas, store dock, and ship's store.




  1. A daily fee is required of any visitor entering the property and accessing the lakefront area, which includes the boat ramps, water rec area, daily parking areas, and picking up or dropping off any boat passengers.

  2. The daily fee applies to any invited guest entering the property to visit with a registered guest staying at Lake Whitney Marina, a dockage licensee, a storage licensee.

  3. The daily fee applies to a dockage or storage licensee when the licensee is accessing the boat ramp to launch or haul out a vessel that is not part of a written license agreement. Refer to FAQ.

  4. The daily fee applies when a dockage or storage licensee enters the property when their account is not in good standing with the marina.




The above fee is based on private and personal use of a vehicle, vessel, and paddlecraft. No commercial activities, commercial vessels, or business use permitted without written authorization.

  1. The fee applies to individuals and members of a club or organization that enter the property to participate in a fishing tournament, weigh-in, or group launch held on the property. Clubs and organizations need to speak with the marina's owners before planning any events or activities on the property. Proof of insurance is required. USACE permits may be necessary.

  2. Operators of commercial vehicles, vans, buses, or shuttles need to call the marina and speak with the marina's owners prior to entering the property and either accessing or using any facilities at the marina.

  3. Fishing guides need to call the marina and speak with the marina's owners prior to entering the property and either accessing or using any facilities at the marina.




View FAQ




Accessing or using facilities and services at the marina without paying the required fee upon arrival is considered theft of service according to Texas Penal Code 31.04. Entering the property with the intention of not paying the daily fee is considered trespassing. Violators are subject to being reported to local law enforcement. Unauthorized vehicles are subject to being towed at the vehicle owner's expense and risk. Banned individuals are not permitted to enter or return to the property at any time or for any reason.




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