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Enjoy the convenience of leaving your boat or jet ski in the water during your stay. One of the benefits of being a registered guest at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove is that you're eligible to rent a nightly dockage space. A dockage space is an end-tie, a covered wet slip, or an uncovered wet slip. Space is subject to availability. Restrictions apply. Learn more below.


  • Eligibility

  • Availability

  • Approval

  • Dockage fee

  • Boat dock rules

  • Parking at docks


Note:  Lake Whitney Marina does not offer courtesy dockage spaces or allow beaching of any vessels along its shoreline. Vessels must be trailered in and out of the water during your stay unless you have secured an overnight dockage space.






  1. You are eligible for overnight dockage if you are a registered guest staying at Lake Whitney Marina. Individuals who not registered guests are ineligible for any overnight dockage.

  2. The registered guest must present a valid driver's license, credit card, proof of insurance, and TPWD vessel registration card at check-in. The registered guest with the reservation (photo ID) must be listed as the registered owner of the vessel according to the information available from the TPWD website. Vessels registered to other individuals are not permitted.



  1. Dockage space is subject to availability at check-in time on the day of your arrival. Space is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis after the standard check-in time. Dockage space cannot be reserved in advance.

  2. A dockage space that is available may not accommodate the type or length of vessel you own.

  3. Overnight accommodations at Lake Whitney Marina do not include any type of dockage or storage of any vessels, trailers, or paddlecraft on the property. Dockage space is not guaranteed for any individual or with any cabin/campsite/rental RV reservation. All dockage and storage fees are in addition to rates and fees charged for accommodations.



  1. The vessel itself must be approved by the marina's owners before being allowed to tie up to a dock and access or occupy a dockage space.

  2. Vessels must be registered with TPWD, comply with all state and federal regulations (e.g. TX numbers are displayed correctly using 3" decals), seaworthy, covered by a marine insurance policy, appear in good condition, and free of trash and clutter.



  1. Dockage space is assigned by the marina's owners only. Employees and contractors working at the marina do not have authority to approve individuals, vessels, or trailers for any type of dockage or storage at Lake Whitney Marina. They do not have authorization to enter into any written or verbal agreements on behalf of the marina's owners.

  2. Only the registered guest (vessel owner) is authorized to access the boat dock, the assigned dockage space, and the vessel when it's tied up to the marina's dock. The registered guest (vessel owner) must comply with all marina rules and regulations about accessing boat docks, occupying dockage spaces, using dockside services, and operating vessels in the marina. The registered guest is responsible for any damage, accidents, or injuries. They are responsible for their boat passengers and ensuring the passengers abide by all rules and regulations. Any complaints received from fellow boaters on surrounding docks, failure to follow rules, or abide by any state or federal regulations can result in immediate ejection from the property without refund.

  3. Only the approved vessel may occupy the assigned space. No vessel substitutions. The assigned dockage space cannot be transferred or rented to another individual. Registered guests cannot swap dockage spaces with other guests. A registered guest cannot share their assigned dockage space with another vessel or with another individual. Violators are subject to being reported to law enforcement and registered guests are subject to being ejected from the property immediately without refund.

  4. A vessel can be reassigned to another space by the marina's owners at any time and for any reason due to needs of the business. 

  5. There is no exclusive use of any assigned dockage space. Other vessels (TX numbers) may be assigned to the same space by the marina's owners. Keep your vessel to one side.

  6. Vessel owners are responsible for providing their own ropes and boat fenders. Vessels must remain in the assigned space and must be secured to prevent hitting the dock due to wind, waves, or wake. Boat fenders and dock lines are sold inside the ship's store.



The check-in time and check-out time for overnight dockage is the same as for a cabin, campsite, and rental RV. Overnight dockage assignments expire the following day at check-out time. Dockage space is not offered by the hour or day. 



  1. The fee for overnight dockage is per vessel (TX NUMBER), per night.

  2. Fees vary and they are subject to change without notice.

  3. Quotes for dockage from the marina's owners are valid at check-in time on the day of your arrival.

  4. Dockage fees are due at the time the dockage space is assigned by the marina's owners. All nights must be paid for in full.  All fees are non-refundable. No refunds or credits for any reason including early departures from the property or early check-out from a cabin, campsite, or rental RV; weather; lake conditions; boat maintenance or mechanical problems; or job-related reasons.

  5. Dockage fees are not included with any cabin, campsite, or rental RV rate.


Vessel Length Type of Dockage Space Location (Dock & Slip Number) Overnight Dockage Rate
Up to 28' Varies. Covered, end-tie, or uncovered. Varies. Assigned by owners of Lake Whitney Marina. Starts at $25.00 per vessel (TX number), per night



This is not intended to be a complete set of rules about the docks.

  1. All docks are NO SMOKING. No open flame devices are permitted.

  2. Dock gates must remain closed at all times. Gates must be locked when you depart the dock on foot or by boat. Gate codes may not be shared with other individuals.

  3. Do not board other vessels.

  4. Do not disturb any dock lines, hoses, power cords, meters, or other items in any other slip or dockage space at the dock.

  5. Only the authorized individual and approved vessel may connect or use dockside services at the assigned space. Unauthorized use of any dockside service, such as water, convenience electric, or shore power 30A/50A, is considered theft of service.

  6. No portable fuel containers are allowed on docks. Vessels on the water may be fueled at the ship's store dock only where spill prevention kits and emergency shut-offs are located.

  7. Only UL listed power cords designed for a marine environment may be used on docks.

  8. No fishing or cast nets permitted at the boat dock.

  9. No fish cleaning allowed on docks, at boat ramps, or in the campground area.

  10. No glass bottles or containers allowed on docks.

  11. No dumping of anything overboard. No littering.

  12. Use only proper boat covers may be used. No tarps allowed.

  13. No horseplay, running, or jumping on any dock.

  14. Children and pets must remain supervised at all times while on docks. Life jackets are recommended.

  15. No soliciting or advertising. No FOR SALE or FOR RENT signs may be on display. No business use or commercial activities.

  16. No swimming or diving allowed in slips or around docks.

  17. Respect others on your dock and others in the marina. No loud music. No yelling or loud conversations.

  18. All finger piers and walkways must remain clear and free of obstructions. No personal articles, ice chests, fishing gear, nets, paddlecraft, towables, life jackets, chairs, towels, buckets, or trash may be left on docks.

  19.  Load and unload boat passengers at the store dock.



  1. No vehicles or boat trailers may parallel park along the hillside or around the perimeter of the parking lot. Pull in or back in your vehicle and boat trailer at the bottom of the hillside when you are in the store parking lot. Use wheel chocks with boat trailers.

  2. Avoid parking vehicles directly in front of any walkway. Keep the area clear for emergency vehicle access.

  3. Park on gravel areas only in parking lots. Keep off the grass around the perimeter. Watch for wire ropes, water shut-offs, water supply lines, and electrical conduit in the grass. Individuals must be able to walk along the grass areas.




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