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Campground at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove Campground at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove Campground at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove

Book a campsite at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove. We offer WE30, FHU30, WE50, and FHU50. All sites have a water hookup with a threaded connection and include 20A and 30A electrical service.
Campsite lengths vary from 25' up to 80'. We can accommodate RVs up to 45' with slide-outs on both sides.


For more information, availability, or to make a reservation, please call us at (254) 694-3129 during business hours.



There are FOUR types of campsites in the campground, which are listed below. All campsites are single space and back-in only. One camping unit allowed at each site.


Each campsite reservation allows for a maximum of four people and two vehicles. The maximum people allowed refers to the number of registered guests permitted with the reservation and does not refer to any visitors or guests you may invite during your stay.


There is an additional charge for occupying or using any sites adjacent to the one you reserved. Refer to "additional information" below to learn more about the campsite space and type of camping units allowed on the property.





Water, 20A, 30A, and dump station access.

Max people is 4.

Max vehicles is 2.



 $30.00 per night.

$180.00 for one week.



Loops 2, 3, 4





Water, 20A, 30A, 50A, and dump station access.

Max people is 4.

Max vehicles is 2.



 $40.00 per night.

$240.00 for one week.



Loops 3, 4





Water, 20A, 30A, and sewer.

Max people is 4.

Max vehicles is 2.



$35.00 per night.

$210.00 for one week.



Loop 2





Water, 20A, 30A, 50A, and sewer.

Max people is 4.

Max vehicles is 2.



 $40.00 per night.

$240.00 for one week.



Loops 1, 2



Rate Details

  • Each camping unit will have its own site. One camping unit per reservation. No camping units are permitted on any site already occupied by a cabin or rental RV.

  • Rates vary by campsite type and they are subject to change due to the season, during holidays and any special events, and length of stay. Ask about minimum night stay requirements. View policies.

  • Rates are per night and do not include taxes and fees. Taxes and fees are subject to change.

  • The rate per night is based on a certain number of occupants and vehicles at a cabin, campsite, or rental RV. Additional charges may be assessed for extra vehicles, extra occupants, pets, day visitors, extra vessels, early arrivals, late departures, missing items, damages, and any rule or policy violations. Refer to fees.

  • Rates are for overnight accommodations only. They do not include any type of overnight dockage or storage of vessels, paddlecraft, or trailers at the marina.

  • The rate for a week requires full payment in advance before arrival. Advance reservations required. Only select sites may be occupied for a week. Call for more information. A campsite is not a storage area for a vehicle, cargo or flatbed trailer, a boat or jet ski on a trailer, or any empty boat trailer. A campsite cannot be used to host groups, events, or multiple day visitors.






General description

  • Campsite assignments - All campsites are numbered. Campsites are assigned at the time of reservation. Specify a specific site number or ask for assistance in deciding which type of site and site number best fits your type and length of camping unit. There is not any guarantee a specific site will be available at check-in due to any necessary repair or maintenance.
  • Types of camping units - We accept the following types of camping units: Class A and Class C motorhomes, toy haulers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop-ups, folding campers, and 1-4 person tents. RVs up to 45' in length and multiple slide-outs can be accommodated.
  • Selecting a site - Some camping units may be restricted to occupying particular types of sites. (1) Full hookup sites shall be occupied only by motorhomes, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and travel trailers. (2) Folding campers, pop-up campers, and tents shall occupy only partial hookup sites. (3) RVs with more than one air conditioning unit shall occupy 50A sites. (4) Some long sites (e.g., RV27 and RV28) may be booked only by RVs more than 37' long. (5) No camping units allowed on any site already occupied by a cabin or rental RV.
  • Condition of camping unit - Camping units must be in good to new condition, clean and tidy in appearance, in working order, and covered by insurance. Tarps and covers are not permitted. Camping units should be no more than ten years old.
  • Picnic table - All campsites in loop 2 come with a picnic table. They are wood or concrete. Only one campsite in loop 3 has a picnic table and it's both concrete and covered. Very few campsites in loop 4 have a picnic table. They are wood only.
  • Campfires - Campfires are permitted inside an existing circle of rocks on the ground. The campfire is 36" diameter. New campfires cannot be constructed. Rocks cannot be moved. The majority of campsites in loop 2 have an existing rock circle. Very few campsites in loop 3 and loop 4 have rock circles. Campfires are prohibited in loop 1. Individuals are responsible for complying with burn bans in effect along with any citations or fines. Ask about bringing a small outdoor fireplace with cover.
  • Water - All campsites include a water spigot that can be connected to a drinking hose. It's city water.
  • Electric - All campsites offer 20A and 30A service. Some sites also come with 50A service.
  • Sewer - The majority of campsites in loop 2 have a sewer hookup. None of the campsites in loops 3, 4 or 5 have a sewer hookup.


  • Sites - A reservation is for one cabin, one rental RV, or one campsite. All campsites are single space sites. The space may be gravel, grass, or a combination of both. Leveling may be necessary due to the slope or type of camping unit. Most campsites can accommodate multiple slide-outs and tall camping units. Your camping unit and vehicle share the same space.
  • Accessing a campsite - Sites are accessed only from the gravel roadway. All sites are back-in only. Vehicles must drive in reverse and park with hookups on their camping unit adjacent to the pedestal. Keep off grass areas around campsites. Do not drive through any other sites or across any loops in an attempt to access a campsite.
  • Maximum occupancy - The maximum occupancy at each campsite is 4 people.
  • Maximum vehicles - Up to two vehicles are permitted with each campsite reservation.


  • Loop 1 - Includes RV9/10, RV11, RV12, RV13.

  • Loop 2 - Includes RV17 through RV39.

  • Loop 3 - Includes RV40 through RV54.

  • Loop 4 - Includes RV55 through RV100.

  • Loop 5 - Includes RV101 through RV107.


  • Showers - Showers with restroom facilities are in loop 2 and loop 4.

  • Restrooms - Restroom facilities are in the ship's store parking lot. The restrooms in loop 1 are closed indefinitely.

  • RV dump station - A pull through dump station is on the roadway between loops 1 and 2. It's across the road from Cabin 13.

  • Trash dumpster - Loop 1





  • What to bring - View what to bring with you for a list of necessary and suggested items to bring whenever you stay in a cabin, campsite, or rental RV at Lake Whitney Marina. Suggested items to bring include wheel chocks for camping units and boat trailers, plastic stakes, trash bags, picnic table cover, and disposable containers for collecting food scraps, grease, juices, cooking oil, peelings, shells, and bones.

  • Housekeeping - Daily housekeeping service is NOT provided with any cabin or rental RV.

  • Condition - All cabins, campsites, and rental RVs must be in the same condition at check-out as check-in to avoid additional charges to your credit card. Individuals are responsible for keeping the cabin and the immediate area clean, tidy, and free of trash during their stay. View policies.

  • Pets - Some cabins are pet friendly. Ask us about which ones. Refer to the pet policy. View pet rules.

  • Roads - We sit on government-owned land. Operate vehicles, camping units, and boat trailers on roadways only. Do not drive or park in open areas of grass. There are plants, flowers, shallow tree roots, and shallow underground water lines, sewer lines, and electrical cables running alongside, between, and behind each site and through loops. Watch for utility poles, guy wires, ground covers over underground vaults, and septic field areas. These items can be damaged if you ride over them, park on them, dig, or attempt to insert metal poles or stakes in the ground. You are responsible for any damage to property.

  • Cabin parking - Park in front of cabins only and parallel park along the road. No parking in rear or on sides. Do not move any physical barriers or drive around them in an attempt to get closer to a cabin. Keep off grass.

  • Campsite parking - All campsites are back-in only. Park vehicles and camping units within the single space. When backing into a campsite space, watch for trees, picnic tables, circles of rocks (campfires), pedestals, posts, sewer hookups, water spigots, and electrical meters.

  • Overflow parking - Additional parking is located in the ship's store parking lot for vehicles and/or boat trailers. Back in or pull in to the bottom of the hillside below the outdoor lights. No parallel parking. Stay clear of green gates. Keep off grass areas.





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