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Cabins at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove Two bedroom cabins at Lake Whitney Marina Cabins at Lake Whitney Marina


Stay in a modern cabin at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove. There are several types to choose from ranging in size from one room with one bath up to two bedroom with two bath. All cabins have a kitchenette or full kitchen, full-size charcoal grill, and an outdoor picnic table. Learn more about the cabins below.


To make a reservation or check availability, please call (254) 694-3129 during business hours. Advance reservations are required. No walk-ins accepted.




There are FIVE types of cabins offered and they include: 1RM/1BA with kitchenette; 1BR/1BA with kitchenette; 1BR/1BA with full kitchen; 1BR+bunk beds/1BA with full kitchen; and 2BR/2BA with full kitchen. A brief description of each type is listed below including the maximum number of occupants and vehicles allowed.


1 Room, 1 Bath with Kitchenette


Bed Type

Two sets of bunk beds in main room. Sleeps 1-4 people.


Maximum Occupancy

 Up to 4 people.

Up to 2 vehicles.


Cabin Names

Cabin 12Cabin 13 Cabin 14 (identical cabins)


Cabin 7




1 Bedroom, 1 Bath with Kitchenette


Bed Type

One queen bed in bedroom. Either a sleep sofa (queen) or futon (queen) in main room. Sleeps 1-4 people.


Maximum Occupancy

 Up to 4 people.

Up to 2 vehicles.


Cabin Names

Cabin 1 Cabin 9




1 Bedroom, 1 Bath with Full Kitchen


Bed Type

One queen bed in bedroom. One sleep sofa (queen) in main room. Sleeps 1-4 people.


Maximum Occupancy

 Up to 4 people.

Up to 2 vehicles.


Cabin Names

Cabin 8 Cabin 10 Cabin 11




1 bedroom + bunk beds, 1 bath with full kitchen


Bed Type

One queen bed in bedroom. One set of bunk beds in hallway. One futon (queen) in main room. Sleeps 1-6 people.


Maximum Occupancy

Up to 6 people.

Up to 2 vehicles.


Cabin Names

Cabin 6




2 bedroom, 2 bath with full kitchen


Bed Type

Two twin beds in each bedroom. Sleeps 1-4 people.


Maximum Occupancy

 Up to 4 people.

Up to 2 vehicles.


Cabin Names

Cabin 4 Cabin 5





Rates per night by cabin

  • Cabin 7, Cabin 12, Cabin 13, Cabin 14 - $79/night

  • Cabin 1, Cabin 9 - $99/night

  • Cabin 8, 10, 11 - $109/night

  • Cabin 6 - $129/night

  • Cabin 4, Cabin 5 - $149/night



  • Rates are as of 8/7/2020.

  • Rates vary by cabin and they are subject to change due to the season, during holidays and any special events, and length of stay. Ask about minimum night stay requirements. View policies.

  • Rates are per night and do not include taxes and fees. Overnight accommodations in cabins and marina-owned RVs are subject to a 6% state hotel occupancy tax and 3% county hotel occupancy tax for a total of 9%. Taxes and fees are subject to change.

  • The rate per night is based on a certain number of occupants and vehicles at a cabin, campsite, or rental RV.

  • Additional charges may be assessed for extra vehicles, extra occupants, pets, day visitors (invited guests), extra vessels, early arrivals, late departures, missing items, damages, and any rule or policy violations. Refer to fees.

  • Rates are for overnight accommodations only. They do not include any type of overnight dockage or dry storage of vessels, paddlecraft, or trailers at Lake Whitney Marina.





What's included

  • General description - Cabins offer air conditioning, heat, multi-speed ceiling fans, kitchen table and chairs, flat screen televisions with remote controls, microwaves, 8 or 10-cup automatic coffee makers, storage cabinets, sinks, private bathrooms with showers and toilets, bed pillows, bed sheets, mini-blinds, natural light, windows that open, emergency exit windows, an outdoor picnic table, full-size charcoal grill, and more.

  • Kitchenette vs. Full Kitchen - Cabins with a "kitchenette" include a microwave, coffee maker, and an under the counter refrigerator. Some may also have a 2-burner cooktop. Cabins with "full kitchens" include a microwave, coffee maker, full-size refrigerator with freezer, a 4-burner cooktop, and an oven. Cooktops and ovens are electric.

  • Bed Types - Bed types include twin, full, and queen. The majority of cabins have queen size beds. All futons and sleep sofas are queen size. A few cabins offer built-in bunk beds (C7, C12, C13, C14).

  • Bed Linens - All beds come with bed pillows, pillow case, a fitted sheet, and top sheet. A few beds also come with a comforter or quilt.

  • Bathrooms - All cabins have private bathrooms. One cabin offers a combination tub/shower (C6). All other cabins have a shower. Cabins do not come with any hair dryers, soap, shampoo, conditioner, or toiletries.

  • Bath towels - Towels are not provided with any cabin.

  • Water - Water provided is city water.

  • Plumbing - Cabins, campsites and rental RVs utilize a campground-style plumbing system. There is a limit to the number of occupants permitted at each cabin, campsite, and rental RV to prevent overflows. Additionally, no items may be flushed down toilets or either poured down sinks or drains that have the ability to cause or contribute to obstructions or stoppages including products labeled as flushable. No chemicals, food, toys, grease, wipes, diapers, paper towel, dental floss, q-tips, or cleaning products allowed.

  • Charcoal grills - All cabins have a full-size charcoal grill. They do not include utensils, lighter fluid, charcoal briquets, foil, pans, or brushes.

  • Picnic table - All cabins come with a picnic table outside. The tables may be concrete, wood, or plastic. Only two cabins have a concrete picnic table and both are covered (C6, C8).

  • Campfires - Campfires are prohibited in loop 1. Campfires are permitted only inside an existing circle of rocks on the ground. Rocks cannot be moved or rearranged. New campfires cannot be constructed. A campfire is 36" diameter. Only firewood may be burned and each piece must be less than 30" long. Note: Individuals are responsible for complying with any burn bans in effect along with any citations or fines issued by authorities. Ask us about bringing a small, outdoor fireplace with a cover.


  • Site - A reservation is for one cabin, one rental RV, or one campsite.

  • Single space - All cabins and rental RVs are on single space sites. Note: No tents or other camping units may set up outside any cabin or rental RV.

  • Maximum occupancy - The maximum occupancy is 4 people in each cabin. One cabin has a maximum occupancy of 6 people (C6).

  • Maximum vehicles - Up to two vehicles are permitted with each cabin reservation.


  • C1 through C11 are in loop 1.

  • C12, C13, C14 are in loop 2.

  • C16 is in loop 5.


  • Showers - Showers are in loop 2 and loop 4.

  • Restrooms - Restrooms are in loop 2, loop 4, and the ship's store parking lot. The restroom facilities in loop 1 are closed indefinitely.

  • Trash dumpster - Loop 1




  • What to bring - View what to bring with you for a list of necessary and suggested items to bring whenever you stay in a cabin, campsite, or rental RV at Lake Whitney Marina. Note: We do not provide items, such as bath towels, toiletries, trash bags, paper towel, utensils, paper plates, cups, bowls, pots, pans, dishwashing liquid, oven gloves, charcoal briquets, grilling utensils, or outdoor chairs in cabins or rental RVs. Refer to individual cabin descriptions for what's included from appliances to bedding.

  • Housekeeping - Daily housekeeping service is NOT provided with any cabin or rental RV.

  • Condition - All cabins, campsites, and rental RVs must be in the same condition at check-out as check-in to avoid additional charges to your credit card. Individuals are responsible for keeping the cabin and the immediate area clean, tidy, and free of trash during their stay. View policies.

  • Pets - Some cabins are pet friendly. Ask us about which ones. Pet fees apply. Refer to the pet policy. View pet rules.

  • Roads - We sit on government-owned land. Operate vehicles, camping units, and boat trailers on roadways only. Do not drive or park in open areas of grass. There are plants, flowers, shallow tree roots, and shallow underground water lines, sewer lines, and electrical cables running alongside, between, and behind each site and through loops. Watch for utility poles, guy wires, ground covers over underground vaults, and septic field areas. These items can be damaged if you ride over them, park on them, dig, or attempt to insert metal poles or stakes in the ground. You are responsible for any damage to property.

  • Cabin parking - Park in front of cabins only and parallel park along the road. No parking in rear or on sides. Do not move any physical barriers or drive around them in an attempt to get closer to a cabin. Keep off grass.

  • Campsite parking - All campsites are back-in only. Park vehicles and camping units within the single space. When backing into a campsite space, watch for trees, picnic tables, circles of rocks (campfires), pedestals, posts, sewer hookups, water spigots, and electrical meters.

  • Overflow parking - Additional parking is located in the ship's store parking lot for vehicles and/or boat trailers. Back in or pull in to the bottom of the hillside below the outdoor lights. No parallel parking. Stay clear of green gates. Keep off grass areas.




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