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This is not intended to be a complete list of campground reservation policies. Please contact the marina's owners if you have any questions or need additional information. Policies are subject to change.




Reservations are accepted by telephone only. All reservations must be made in advance by calling the marina during business hours only. A credit card deposit in the amount of the first night's stay is required with each reservation. We recommend making reservations at least two days in advance. We do not accept walk-ins or unconfirmed reservations at any time, day or night.




The purpose of the campground is to provide temporary, overnight accommodations for individuals who book a cabin, RV rental trailer, or campsite at Lake Whitney Marina. A cabin, campsite, or RV rental trailer is to be used only by the individual(s) listed on the reservation. Reservations are accepted up to a year in advance on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not "hold" or block out cabins, campsites, RV rental trailers, or loops.


No exclusive use of the entire campground, of a loop, or of any particular area in the campground by any group or party. We do not have any areas that are designated for groups only.


All cabins, RV rental trailers, and campsites are assigned at the time of booking. No open camping. Other cabins, campsites, and RV rental trailers located in the campground cannot be occupied or used without an advance reservation, or without advance payment in full prior to being used. This includes parking your vehicles, vessels, or trailers on other sites. Violaters are subject to immediate ejection from the property without refund and being reported to law enforcement for theft of service.


The campground is not available for day-use. Cabins, campsites, and RV rental trailers are not to be used as a "daily rentals" for hosting parties, picnics, special events, commercial activities or events, or group meetings.


The campground is not a storage area, car wash facility, or repair shop. Absolutely no rinsing, washing, painting, repairs, or maintenance permitted of vessels or trailers, vehicles, golf carts, or camping units in the campground at any time. Items must be taken off-site.


No commercial activities allowed on the property. No FOR SALE signs. No advertising, soliciting, or distribution of printed matter.


Outside contractors are not permitted on the property without approval from the marina's owners and any required documents on file with the marina, such as insurance, workers comp, or licenses.


Refer to the marina's rules and policies.




A reservation is held by a credit card deposit only. The deposit is in the amount of the first night's stay plus applicable taxes and fees. Your credit card is charged at the time of reservation. Full payment is due when a reservation is made within seven (7) days of the date of arrival.


You must have a "confirmed reservation" in order to stay with us. A confirmed reservation means your credit card was successfully charged in the amount of the required deposit/payment before your date of arrival. It is your responsibility to check that your credit card was successfully charged.




Payment for all nights booked along with other outstanding balances must be paid in full upon arrival, and prior to occupying a site or receiving a key to a cabin or an RV rental trailer. We do not split bills.


Payment for facilities, services, and goods during your stay are due up front and in full. We do not accept tabs, store charges, partial payments, or IOUs.




Cancel reservations by calling the marina during business hours. Reservations must be cancelled at least thirty (30) or more days prior to your check-in date to avoid forfeiture of your deposit and any payments. Deposits are non-transferable from one party/reservation to another party/reservation. HOLIDAYS: All deposits and advance payments are non-refundable. Any holiday reservation not cancelled at least sixty (60) or more days prior to the check-in date results in a charge for the entire stay.




Failure to cancel a reservation AND occupy the booked cabin or site on the check-in date results in a charge for the ENTIRE stay.




A reservation cannot be modified after check-in. Individuals cannot swap cabins, RV rental trailers, or campsites, or move to another location without management approval. Additional fees and restrictions may apply.


Requests to modify a reservation before the date of arrival is not guaranteed and subject to availability; call the marina during business hours with requests. Only the credit card holder listed on the reservation may authorize a change. Reservation changes may result in higher rates, additional fees, deposits, and/or advance payments. HOLIDAYS: Holiday reservations cannot be modified; refer to the holiday cancellation policy.




Refunds will not be issued for any reason including, but not limited to, early departures, weather conditions, no shows, current lake levels, buyer's remorse, rule or policy violations, ejection from the property, service interruptions, maintenance issues, mechanical problems with vessels, third-party events, Acts of God, or unforeseen events. We do not offer credit.




Call the marina during business hours for current rates and availability. Rates, taxes, and fees are subject to change without notice and may vary by season, day, length of stay, size of party, type of cabin or site, or availability. Outdated information may appear online or in print without notice of any change; it is not intended to be a final quote. Management retains the right to refuse or cancel any reservation with incorrect pricing or inaccurate information listed or provided due to typographical error or some other reason.


The campground reservation is for a cabin, an RV rental trailer, or a campsite with one camping unit on it only. No additional items may be parked or stored at a cabin, RV rental trailer, campsite, or left on the property. Campground reservations and rates do NOT include any type of dockage or dry storage of vessels or trailers at the marina.


Rates are based on the total number of nights of your stay that you specify at the time of booking. We do not adjust rates during a reservation period if you "extend" your stay. Payment is due up front and in full for each reservation at the time of booking.




We do not offer discounts on cabins, campsites, or RV rental trailers. We do not offer special rates to groups, for special events, for booking multiple reservations, or to any dockage or dry storage licensees. We do not accept passes of any kind.




All cabins, RV rental trailers, facilities, dry storage, boat docks, and buildings are NO SMOKING only; the use of tobacco products in these areas is strictly prohibited. Additional fees and charges may be assessed for rule or policy violations, repairs, damages, cleaning, odors, and/or restoration of areas to non-smoking/tobacco-free condition. Discard cigarette and cigar butts in proper receptacles only. Do not litter.




Each pet must be pre-approved by the marina's owners at the time of booking and before being allowed on the property.


Additionally, each cabin or RV rental trailer reservation must have permission to have a pet enter or occupy it; this is in addition to the pet being approved to be allowed on the property. There is a pet fee for each cabin or RV rental trailer reservation with an approved pet, or when there are visible signs that a pet entered or occupied your cabin or RV rental trailer during your stay. Pet owners are responsible for their pets at all times, picking up all pet waste from marina property, removing pet hair and any pet food or supplies prior to check-out, and any property damages. Other restrictions and rules apply. Contact the marina for details.




Two (2) night minimum stay required for all cabins and campsites year-round. HOLIDAYS: Three (3) night minimum stay required for all cabins and campsites.


We are located on USACE property and there is a maximum number of consecutive nights that one may stay on the property. Stays are temporary and short-term only.




Renting a cabin, campsite, or RV rental trailer is a contract with Lake Whitney Marina. The individual making the reservation must be of legal age to enter a binding agreement. Minimum age to rent a campsite is 18. Minimum age to rent a cabin or RV rental trailer is 21. A valid driver's license must be presented at check-in.




Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day




Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove operates year-round. The "Spring & Summer Season" is March through September. The "Fall & Winter Season" is October through February.




"Weekdays" are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. "Weekends" are Friday and Saturday.




Lake Whitney Marina accepts American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa. A valid driver's license must be presented with the credit card. Only the credit card holder may authorize charges, cancellations, or changes to a reservation.





Arrival on the property/registration/check-in time for all cabins, RV rental trailers, and campsites begins at 3PM. No early arrivals or check-ins permitted.



Go directly to the ship's store upon arrival to register and check-in with the marina.



Total occupants include both children and adults. Book enough cabins and campsites to accommodate your entire party that's staying at the marina. Do not exceed the maximum number of occupants allowed at a cabin, RV rental trailer, or campsite. There is no guarantee space will be available to accommodate others. Exceeding the maximum occupancy can result in immediate ejection from the property without refund.



The operator of each vehicle needs to appear in-person at the ship's store to fill out and sign a vehicle tag. The tag is unique to each vehicle. The tag shall be displayed from the rear view mirror while on the property. Vehicle tags are non-transferable. Vehicle tags are not handed out in bulk or in advance of registration/check-in.


A maximum of two vehicles are permitted at each cabin, RV rental trailer, and campsite. If you bring a third vehicle, there is an additional charge of $10.00 PER DAY. Certain types of vehicles may be operated on the property. Some types of vehicles may not be used or allowed on the property. Other rules and restrictions apply.



You must be the registered owner of the vessel you bring on the property, according to the TPWD website. Vessels must be in good condition, registered with TPWD, and comply with federal and state rules and regulations. Occupants can only bring those vessels where they are listed as the registered owner, according to the TPWD website. Vessels belonging to individuals who are not staying at Lake Whitney Marina are not allowed.



Camping units must be in good to new condition, in working order, less than ten years old, and covered under insurance.



All cabins, campsites, and RV rental trailers must be in the same condition at check-in and check-out to avoid additional charges. Nothing may be alterted, installed, or removed from the interior, exterior, or immediate area. Places must be clean and free of trash, litter, food scraps, and pet waste.




Check-out time and departure from the property is 12PM. All cabins, RV rental trailers, campsites, and overnight dockage spaces (if applicable) must be vacated before this time. No late check-outs or departures permitted.




Direct all comments, concerns, problems, issues, or questions to the marina's owners before check-out time or exiting the property. The owner's can be reached by telephone. They reside on the property.




Invited guests are charged a FEE PER DAY to enter the property. Invited guests are permitted on the property from dawn to dusk only. They are not permitted to stay or park overnight. Invited guests must register with the marina each day upon arrival. Invited guests must be accompanied by the primary occupant; they cannot be left alone on the property. Any benefits or privileges that are for the registered guests staying at Lake Whitney Marina do not apply, extend, or transfer to your invited guests.




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