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Lake Whitney is in North Central Texas and conveniently located about twenty miles west of Hillsboro and the I-35 Corridor (the "I-35 Corridor" includes Oklahoma City, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, and San Antonio).




Lake Whitney has a maximum depth of 108 feet, a surface area of more than 23,500 acres, and a shoreline of approximately 225 miles.




The reservoir was impounded in 1951. It's part of the Brazos River basin and sits downstream from Possum Kingdom and Lake Granbury. Lake Whitney is primarly used for flood control, but also for hydroelectric power and recreation. Lake levels fluctuate during the year. The normal pool level is 533'. Refer to the Brazos River Authority to learn more about the water supply system.




The controlling authority of this reservoir is the USACE. Lake Whitney is located in the Ft. Worth District. For a list of all lakes and reservoirs in this district, refer to the district map.



Local project office

The local project office is located at the Whitney Dam. From FM933 in Whitney, follow SH22 across the dam to Laguna Park. Immediately after crossing the dam, take your first left. Watch for the sign.





Federal regulations - Title 36

In addition to state rules and regulations about boating, fishing, and hunting, visitors to Lake Whitney are bound by USACE federal regulations governing public use of corps resource projects. View the Title 36 Rules & Regulations. It addresses fireworks, firearms, weapons, litter, trash, wildlife, vegetation, trees, fossils, noise, mooring boats, and more.


Note: Title 36 applies to all visitors, invited guests, dockage and storage licensees, and registered guests staying at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove. View excerpts.



Boat wakes

Boaters are responsible for any injury or damage caused by their wake. A complete list of boating rules and regulations are posted online at the TPWD website. Watch for NO WAKE buoys along the lakefront. No wake areas at the marina include boat ramps, boat docks, gasoline pumps, and adjacent coves where marina docks are present. Refer to the US Aids to Navigation System to learn more about the buoys.



Clean Water Act

Lake Whitney and other inland lakes in the state are in "No discharge areas." This means discharging treated or untreated sewage from any vessel is prohibited by law. Vessel sewage is regulated under the Clean Water Act, which is the primary federal law governing water pollution. "Sewage" is defined as "human body wastes and the waste from toilets and other receptacles intended to receive or retain body wastes."


Boaters should use restrooms on land and also schedule regular visits to TCEQ-certified pumpout stations on the lake. Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove has a certified pumpout station. 


Before using one of the stations, make sure your Clean Water Vessel certification decal is clearly displayed on your boat hull (near your TPWD registration decal and TX numbers) and that the dates on the decal are valid. Learn more about the certification decal, who is required to have one, costs, and how to order one by visiting the TCEQ website.



Fishing & hunting licenses

Licenses are required to fish and hunt at Lake Whitney. Buy a license online or visit one of these retailers in Whitney, TX (76692).



Aquatic hitchhikers

Visit the state and national websites below to learn about the types of invasive species, view images of them, and what steps you can take when boating and fishing to help stop the spread of them:


Regarding zebra mussels, read this TPWD new release from 2016, "Clean, drain, and dry your boat". As of June 2020, there have not been any reports of zebra mussels at Lake Whitney. View a map of lakes in Texas known to have zebra mussels.



Government land and lake access

The land around Lake Whitney is owned by the government. Private property around the reservoir that is "waterfront" or "lakefront" is not physically on the water and does not have direct access. Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove sits on sixty acres and two miles of shoreline of government land. We have direct access to the lake via two boat ramps.


 The property adjacent to government land is subject to both federal rules and regulations (see Title 36) and the local shoreline management plan (SMP). For instance, per the local SMP, mooring buoys are not permitted on Lake Whitney.





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