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If you would like to speak with Management or have questions, concerns, or comments about Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove, contact the owners of the marina directly. They can be reached at (254) 694-3129, seven days a week, 8AM-5PM CT.


Lake Whitney Marina's contact information is posted in the guard booth window; outside the restrooms in the store parking lot; in loop 4 near the parking area for docks M, N, and J; and on the front of the floating ship's store. It also appears on the top portion of the vehicle tag.






ACCIDENTS - Report all accidents and injuries that occur on the property to the marina's owners.


AUDIBLE ALERTS - Report any audible alarms or chirping sounds heard from smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, boats, cabins, vehicles, or RVs.


CHILDREN - Report any unsupervised children observed near the shoreline, in the water rec area, or on docks; playing or tampering with electrical equipment or boxes; climbing trees;


CONCERNS OR ISSUES - Notify the owners of the marina immediately of any problems, concerns, or issues. Speak with them before exiting the property.


DISCHARGE - Report any discharge of oil or fuel from boats in the lake along with any vessel sewage.


DOCKS, WALKWAYS & FINGER PIER ACCESS - Report any vehicles, boat trailers, or other objects that obstruct or block land access to a dock. Also, report any objects or personal property that restrict or obstruct access to a walkway or finger piers on docks. There must be clear access to the water from the ends of finger piers and walkways. There cannot be any overhead obstructions that block ladders or other equipment from being transported down walkways and along finger piers. There cannot be any items left on sitting on docks that pose a tripping hazard. Items include folding tables, portable or mounted fans, lighting or decorations, steps, chairs, kayaks and other paddlecraft, boat covers, ice chests, water hoses, bait buckets, fishing nets, fishing rods, dock boxes, ropes, power cords, floats, towables, or inflatables.


DRONES - Report drones, quadcopters, and any other remote-controlled objects flying over the property. They are not permitted.


DUMPING - Report anyone dumping trash, or any gray or black water from camping units onto the ground.


ELECTRICAL HAZARDS - Report any power cords in use at camping pedestals or on boat docks that pose an electrical hazard (or fire hazard), such as spliced cords, missing ground pins, damaged or cut cords, or cords in water. Report any extension cords in use on boat docks; overloading circuits; or any power cords left plugged into an outlet and not connected to anything else.


FACILITIES - Report any showers, restrooms, pumpout stations, RV dump stations, trash receptacles that require attention.


FIRE HAZARDS - Report unattended campfires or grills; possession or use of tiki torches in the campground or on docks; major repairs being performed on boats or vehicles; any "hot work" performed in the campground or docks; any open flame devices, candles, or portable heaters that are present or in use on boat docks; presence of LP gas tanks or propane canisters on boat docks, aboard boats tied to the dock, or on steps or porches of cabins or rental RVs; open flame devices or candles on cabin steps, porches, or picnic tables; any gas grills, hibatchi, or charcoal grills present or in use on boat docks, aboard boats tied to the dock, on steps or porches at cabins, on wood platform decks in front of cabins or rental RVs, or on picnic tables.


FIREWORKS - Report possession, storage, or use of any fireworks, caps, explosives, or rockets.


FISH CLEANING - Fish shall be cleaned at the marina's fish cleaning station on the water, or they must be taken off-site and cleaned at another location. Report any fish cleaning observed on boat docks, parking areas, shoreline, boat ramps, or in the campground. No personal fish cleaning tables, sinks, or buckets allowed on boat docks or in the campground.


GROUNDSKEEPING - Report damaged trees or limbs; tall grass or weeds around campground pedestals and hookups, dock walkways, gates, picnic tables, campfires, or grills


LIGHTS & LIGHTING - Report any outdoor lights not working.


MAINTENANCE - Report any items that need attention or any problems with plumbing; electrical service outages or interruptions;  grills or picnic tables owned by the marina; power pedestals or hookups; broken glass or bottles; or loose or damaged boards on boat docks. Do not attempt to repair or service anything yourself.


NOISE - Report disturbances, yelling, loud televisions, music, hands-free devices, voices, vehicles, air boats, or boat motors. No live or recorded music, karaoke machines, outdoor speakers, or PAs are permitted. Use of power tools, drills, or saws.


ODORS - Report any unusual odors, fumes, smoke, or smell of bleach, paint, chemicals.


PETS - Report any pets left unattended; that are unleashed; missing identification or a collar; lack proper food, water, shade, or shelter; left in hot vehicles, cabins, or camping units; making excessive noise; digging holes; chasing wildlife; or exhibiting any aggressive behavior. Notify the marina of pet owners who are not picking up after their pets.


PHYSICAL SECURITY - Report any suspicious activities or behavior, unfamiliar individuals on docks, unfamiliar vessels in dockage spaces, damaged gate latches, or any missing items. Provide TX numbers, license plate numbers, and detailed descriptions of individuals, vessels, and vehicles involved.


PORTABLE FUEL CONTAINERS - Report any portable fuel containers in use or observed in the campground, parking lots, boat ramps, shoreline, boat docks, dry storage, or other boat storage areas.


ROADWAYS - Report potholes, and vehicles or trailers blocking access to roadways.


SWIMMING, DIVING - Report any individuals or pets that are observed swimming or diving around docks, dockage spaces, boat passenger loading and unloading areas, or boat ramps.


VEHICLES & VESSELS - Report any individuals operating a vehicle or vessel in an unsafe manner. Includes vehicles spinning tires, kicking up rocks, speeding, skidding, driving off-road, and driving on slopes and hillsides. Includes vessels creating a wake in NO WAKE areas, such as boat docks, boat ramps, and fuel docks; any vessels striking docks; or vessels operating in gear while tied up to the dock. Report any individuals operating UTVs, ATVs, OHVs, dirt bikes, mini-bikes, go carts, or horses on the property -- they are not permitted.


WIDLIFE - Report anyone feeding, harassing, touching, injuring, disturbing, chasing, or attempting to throw sticks or rocks at any birds, ducks, geese, squirrels, foxes, deer, or fish. Report any observed animal traps or feeders in the campground or on boat docks.


WORKERS - Notify the owners of any problems or issues with outside contractors, marina contractors, or employees. Please report unsafe driving or use of vehicles, golf carts, boats, trailers, tractors, and equipment.




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