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Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove is pet friendly with some limitations and restrictions. Due to insurance, each pet must be individually approved by the owners of the marina before being brought on the property. This applies to all visitors, invited guests, dockage licensees, storage licensees, and individuals with cabin, campsite, or rental RV reservations. Call Lake Whitney Marina at (254) 694-3129 during business hours for more information.





Pets must be in good health, free of fleas, and current on vaccinations including rabies.




There are restrictions about the quantity, types, weights, and breeds allowed on the property. Dogs and cats are permitted, however reptiles are not. Any dog breeds that are considered dangerous or aggressive are not allowed, such as pit bulls, Rottweiler, chows, Presa Canarios, Dobermans, mastiffs, and wolf-dog hybrids.




  1. Only the pets that are approved by the owners of the marina are permitted on the property.
  2. Pet owners must notify the marina at the time of booking a cabin or campsite about any plans to bring a pet onto the property. Not all accommodations are pet friendly or allow a pet to enter or stay inside it. Additional fees apply. Failure to disclose a pet brought on the property can result in a fine and/or ejection from the property. See below.
  3. Pets are not permitted inside buildings, showers, restrooms, dry storage, or the ship's store.
  4. Pet owners are responsible for picking up all pet waste and promptly discarding it in the dumpster.
  5. Pets must have an adequate supply of fresh water at all times.
  6. Pets must have proper shade from the sun and shelter from rain, strong winds, or severe storms.
  7. Respect others around you. Do not allow excessive barking or noise.
  8. Pets must remain on a leash. Do not let pets run loose or roam around boat docks, parking areas, water rec area, or the campground. Pets may not chase or disturb any wildlife including birds, ducks, squirrels, foxes, or deer. Pets may not be left outside tied to a tree or stake in the ground. No chains or cables may be used.
  9. Do not leave pets alone inside any camping units, cabins, vehicles, or boats. Temporary and unexpected service interruptions in the campground may cause air conditioners and ceiling fans to stop working and may result in a pet overheating. Unattended pets can also damage window screens, blinds, furniture, walls, and doors. The credit card holder listed on the reservation is responsible for any damages to property.
  10. Pets must remain supervised. Watch for vehicle traffic. Do not leave pets unattended outside due to wildlife.
  11. Supervise pets on, in, and near the water including boat docks. Pets are not allowed to swim around docks or boat ramps. Refer to safety reasons.
  12. Keep all areas inside and outside both clean and tidy. Sweep any pet hair and cat litter on the floor. All food must be kept in sealed container or bag. Do not leave pet food, scraps, or empty containers sitting on the ground. Do not leave food or trash sitting outside. It attracts other pets, ants, flying insects, and wildlife.
  13. Pets cannot dig holes or damage grass.
  14. Any pet exhibiting aggressive behavior must be removed from the property immediately.
  15. You may be ejected from the property without refund for violating pet rules, property damage, injury to other people or pets, or other reasons.



Refer to the list of what to bring with you if you will have a pet on the property. Items include pet food, food and water bowls, leash, harness, collars, identification tags, pet life jackets, your own clean sheets or towels for them to sit on, lint rollers, portable crate or carrier, and trash bags for picking up pet waste.


For questions about service animals, please call us.




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