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This is not intended to be a complete list of rules, regulations, insurance requirements, or USACE requirements that apply to individuals at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove. They are subject to change without advance notice. Contact the owners of Lake Whitney Marina if you have any questions or need additional information. Last updated: May 2020.




No one may possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage on the store dock or the walkway leading up to the parking lot.



Bank fishing

Bank fishing is not permitted.



Beaching vessels

Boats and jet skis cannot be beached along the shoreline or left unattended. Vessels must be trailered or tied up in an assigned

dockage space per a written agreement.



Boat docks

Only authorized individuals and approved vessels associated with a valid written dockage license agreement on file are allowed on docks and to occupy dockage spaces. No trespassing.



Cleaning, Rinsing, Washing (Vessels and Vehicles)

No vessels, trailers, vehicles, camping units or similar items may be washed, cleaned, or rinsed with water in the campground area, at individual campsites or cabins, or in parking lots. They must be taken off the property to be cleaned. Note: There are car wash facilities (with tall bays) located within a few miles of Lake Whitney Marina.




No diving allowed. This includes salvage, commercial, recreation, and cleaning hulls.




No drones allowed.



Fish cleaning

Where to clean fish at the marina. Use of fish cleaning tables, sinks, or boards. Refer to fish cleaning.




No glass or glass containers allowed on any dock or walkway, floating platform, boat ramp, parking area, water rec area, or near the shoreline.



Kiddie pools

No inflatable, portable, or kiddie pools allowed.



Repairs or Maintenance (Vessels and Vehicles)

No vessels or trailers, vehicles, camping units, or similar items may be repaired or maintained in the campground area, at individual campsites or cabins, or in parking lots. Any vehicles or vessels that are not operational must be removed from the property immediately.



Metal detectors

No metal detectors allowed.




No loud music, televisions, radios, marine VHF radios, hands-free phone calls, or conversations allowed at docks, on vessels docked in the marina, in the campground area, dry storage, or parking lots. No PA systems, karaoke machines, recorded music, live bands, or outdoor speakers.




Due to insurance, each pet must be individually approved by the owners of the marina before being brought on the property. Breed restrictions apply -- pit bulls, chows, rottweilers, and other aggressive breeds are not allowed. View all pet rules.



Photography, Video, Film

Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove is privately-owned and operated. It is private property. No commercial photography, video, or filming allowed. For more information about filming at Lake Whitney and on government-owned land, contact the USACE.



Portable fuel containers

About the possession or use of portable fuel containers.



Speed limit

The speed limit at Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove is 10 MPH. The speed limit on Juniper Cove Road is 35 MPH.




No swimming allowed at the marina. This includes along the shoreline; near any dock, pier, platform, or boat ramp; or around any docked vessels.



Theft of service

About theft of service.




All cabins, rental RVs, facilities, boat storage areas, fueling areas, boat docks, porches, and buildings are NO SMOKING. Tobacco products may not be used in these areas and this includes e-cigarettes and vaping.



USACE Rules & Regulations

Lake Whitney Marina @ Juniper Cove is located not only on a USACE-controlled reservoir, but also on government land. All visitors at the lake are bound by the USACE federal regulations governing public use of corps resource projects (Title 36). This is in addition to any rules or requirements at Lake Whitney Marina about vessels, docks, staying in cabins or campsites, boat ramp access, grills, daily fees, payments, and other regulations about boating, fishing, and hunting.


Learn more about Title 36 and view excerpts, including fires on government property, operating vessels, digging, noise, dumping, litter, trees, shooting, hunting, target practice, feeding wildlife, fireworks, weapons, roads, operating vehicles, and vegetation.






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